Retaining Walls

The great adaptability of Shotcrete makes it extremely desirable for the construction of retaining walls.

Our pneumatically placed methods allow us to save time and costs by installing either 1-sided or formless Shotcrete walls. Radius and free-form walls are also excellent candidates for Shotcrete. And the open front method gives the added advantage of allowing for a variety of architectural or artistic finishes to be applied as we shoot.

Soil Stabilization

Shotcrete is an excellent choice for stabilizing earth and rock excavations. Using Shotcrete and a variety of reinforcement anchoring systems has distinct advantages over traditional timber and steel shoring techniques, including:

  • It is flexible and easy to install
  • It uses space more efficiently by allowing vertical excavation and creating stable vertical walls very close to other buildings
  • It saves money with the ability to concrete right over the Shotcrete

Shotcrete is ideal for soil nailing and ground support in tunneling and mining. Its early strength development provides early ground support after blasting or excavating and offers the ability to conform to natural irregular profile of the ground without form work. It is also the preferred material or process for underground structures like stations, shops and so on and provides long-term stability. It can also be used as a final or permanent lining.

Galilee Retaining Wall – February 2015