Seismic Upgrade

We are qualified builders, welders and nozzlemen. We offer the ultimate seismic solution.

Drill and Epoxy Starters and Dowels

Starters and Dowels are drilled and fixed into the foundation and brick walls respectively at engineered specified, depth, size and centers. The excellent bonding of shotcrete to brick (4mpa) is often an important design consideration. The force of the impact of this pneumatically propelled concrete onto brick causes compaction of the shotcrete paste matrix into the fine surface irregularities and results in good brick adhesion.

Steel Fixing

An integral part of a successful Shotcrete project, is good Shotcrete Steel fixing practice. SIS has the expertise and equipment to efficiently install Engineer specified steel reinforcing.

Place Concrete

  • Inside or outside
  • 100m2 placed per day
  • Bond beams, Corbels
  • Can be sprayed to any thickness or height
  • No joins, no sealants, No inserts, no backfill, no grouting, no lifting eyes, no panel connector plates
  • Shotcrete is advantageous where sites are hard to reach

Finish Concrete

Shotcrete is an incredible cost effective method to place concrete, however SIS Construction have made it even more cost effective by developing tools and equipment, and introducing techniques so that an excess of 100m2 of U4 finish can be achieved in a day. Additional concrete finish options are stamped, decorative and historical.