Shotcrete Show Home

We welcome you to come and visit New Zealand’s strongest home.
Comfortable and beautiful and as strong as a Bunker.
The world of external tiles as a cladding option is now available.
Crack free plaster proving peace of mind and style.
We look forward to seeing you – don’t forget to bring your sledgehammer!

15 Uffington Drive, Rolleston

Strength, Warmth and Security

Beautiful four bedroom two bathroom, 217sqm home is designed to be well in excess (150%-200%) of the New Building Standard and combined with the Metrapanel wall system, gives you safety, strength, warmth and increased interior space, all at the same price as a traditional build home.

This unique method of construction starts with a thicker floor slab, into which is built steel reinforcing for the walls. Specially formulated concrete to a thickness of 150mm (approx 6 inches) surrounds the steel for maximum strength and warmth. The super-strong walls are then smoothed off, and a top coating of textured plaster is applied to create a high quality durable finish.

15 Uffington Drive