A Shotcrete Home is a quieter home!

Concrete’s sound reducing qualities and air-tightness make your home quieter and more comfortable living environment.

Land is becoming increasingly scarce and as a result, homes are being built closer together and closer to highways, railways and airports.

Shotcrete Homes provide the necessary sound reducing qualities to provide the kind of quiet comfort needed for peace serenity.

A Shotcrete Home can reduce sound transmission penetration by over 80-percent when compared to wood-frame construction. Although windows allow some sound penetration, measures can be taken, such as double glazing to further reduce sound transmission through the windows.

Shotcrete Homes are quieter homes

We all need our beauty sleep.

Compared to a typical wood frame wall, only 15 to 25 percent as much sound penetrates a concrete wall. Acoustics experts would describe loud speech on the opposite side of a frame wall as “audible, but not intelligible.” On the opposite side of a concrete wall, a listener would “strain to hear” loud speech.

Quiet home - getting our beauty sleep