Shotcrete Homes are better for the environment!

Build houses that last longer
And Build houses that are
More energy efficient.

– Shotcrete Homes environmental policy

Concrete … The Natural Building Material

In this age of vanishing resources, we must choose our building materials wisely. Concrete draws upon earth’s most common and abundant minerals for its raw materials. The amount of land used to extract the materials needed to make a Shotcrete Home is only a fraction of that used to grow and harvest our forests for timber.

Built To Last (Saving Our Environment)

Timber rots, decays, and is extremely susceptible to natural disasters, it is central to a wasteful construction cycle of frequent disposal and replacement with a high environmental price tag. In addition to depleting forests, nasty chemicals are used to preserve timber. These chemicals are harmful to the environment and have been known to cause health problems for some. A Shotcrete Homes System is resistant to borer, rust and rot without the need for toxic chemical treatments. Concrete’s durability over decades of use goes a long way towards waste reduction.

Save a dollar - Save the Earth - Superior Insulation with Shotcrete homes

Energy saver
The use of foam insulation on a building significantly increases the R-Value of walls to save energy.

Up to 25% of all Global CO2 emissions are from using fossil fuels to heat and cool our homes and buildings Shotcrete Homes are more energy efficient than light-weight framed homes and therefore require less energy to heat and cool.

Build with concrete and save the forests

Shotcrete Homes, as tree huggers, makes a conscious effort in minimizing the use of wood. We need to replenish our wood supply before it can become sustainable. This valuable natural resource is best for climate change if it is left standing, living and absorbing CO2.

Save forests

Natural materials make shotcrete homes the healthy choice for environmentally responsible homebuilding.