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Discover why our Homes are so special!

Why a Shotcrete Home

Shotcrete home comfort

Comfort | Style | Strength

Our Energy Efficient Homes

Warmer home

Find out why our Shotecrete highly insulated Concrete homes are 300% more energy efficient than wood-frame homes.

A Shotcrete Home is a Healthier Home

Healthy home

Shotcrete home concrete is stable throughout its life and does not need chemical treatment to protect it against rot and insect attack: this means that there are no emissions in the internal environment.

Great Investment!

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Energy efficient, durability and resale value, add up to big savings!

Shotcrete Homes are Safer and Stronger!

Timber earthquake example

We guarantee a Shotcrete Home is stronger in the event of an earthquake, flood or hurricane!

Environmental Sustainability

Energy saver

Shotcrete Homes are better for the environment!

A Shotcrete Home is a quieter home!

Quiet home

Concrete’s sound reducing qualities and air-tightness make your home quieter and more comfortable living environment.


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